How to measure your hand for a bangle.

You’ve seen a bangle in my online shop that you really like but you aren’t sure which size to choose…. Here’s a guide to how to measure your hand to determine the correct fit.

Bangles are worn on the wrist but they have to get over your hand to get there.

The widest part of your hand is where we measure.

What you need

  • Measuring tape


  • A strip of paper and a ruler

How to measure

Hold your hand as shown with the tip of your thumb reaching for the base of your baby finger.

Using the tape or paper strip wrap this around the widest part, usually over the

thumb knuckle. You want the fit to be snug around your hand as once the bangle gets past this point it will be loose.

Using the guide below determine which size is the best fit for you. Remember each hand can be a different size so measure the hand you are most likely to wear the bangle on.

Small is 18.9cm circumference

Medium is 20.4cm circumference

Large is 22cm circumference

Bearing in mind when choosing your size, that you will want to go for the next size up, rather than the nearest size down. If you've measured correctly you should have the circumference of the hand at its smallest, so anything smaller than that just will not go on. 


 If you are anyway unsure about how to do this get in touch